About the Villa


Located on the paradise island of Nosy Faly 12km from Nosy Be, this magnificent Villa on the beach is ideal for enjoying quiet nature.

This ​​260m² house is organized so that all the rooms overlook the sea. Two bedrooms are located on the ground floor and two others upstairs, connected by a walkway. The open kitchen communicates widely with the living room and the terrace to form a large living room.

The villa is sold fully furnished and equipped.


The land, opens 180 degrees to the sea, faces west, which allows you to enjoy magnificent sunsets.


The nearest neighbor is more than 300m away, and there is no other house on the km of Anse beach located in front of the house.


Tropical garden covered with many tropical flowers and fruit trees. Presence of an orchard.


Solar energy provides all the energy needs: house, pool filtration, well, automatic watering.





Living room

Covering an area of ​​42m², you can watch the wall-mounted television screen, installed in comfortable sofas.

It is the central point of the house which overlooks all of the ground floor rooms and allows access to the 1st level by a staircase.


Extending the living room, it offers a magnificent view of the sea overlooking the garden.

Its 16m² can accommodate a dining room for 10 people.


This 16 m² fitted kitchen includes a Siemens fridge with freezer, a stove and a gas oven.

The kitchen utensils and dishes necessary for a good ten people, will allow you to savor freshly caught fish, unless you prefer to use the outdoor barbecue.


All rooms have a "walk-in" shower, a sink area, and a toilet.

The two bedrooms on the ground floor (34m² and 22m²) overlook a veranda of 10m², where you can sit in comfortable lounge chairs, facing the sea.

The upper bedrooms, 14m², are distributed on both sides from the bridge. For each room, a balcony opens on the sea, the other on a side part.


  • Swimming Pool
  • Massage salon
  • Beach
  • Garden

Swimming Pool

This seawater pool is located in the immediate vicinity of the beach it overlooks.

Bean-shaped, it measures 9m x 4m, with a bottom of up to 2m.

It is an ideal place for a moment of reading under the banana trees, or to enjoy the superb sunsets.

Massage salon

Want a massage?

A small massage parlor will welcome you Right next to the house.

Lying down, you can doze off watching the beach and the sea.


A long beach just for you.

A dyke of 130 m, durably protects the ground, by its height of 1.50m, from the possible rise of the waters and the erosion of the sea.

Enjoy the coconut palms and the luxuriant tropical vegetation, before you go bathe in water… at 27 ° C.


With a seafront of 130m, the land extends to a depth of 300m until reaching the only path that crosses the island from North to South.


What is the legal situation on the ground?
How is the freshwater supply going?

A well located on the lower part of the land, equipped with a solar pump, allows the water to be raised automatically to a 75 m3 reservoir located upstream of the land. The water is then distributed by gravity, for all uses, excluding drinks. The Madagascans drink this water, we prefer to drink mineral water.

What equipment is left in the house?

The house is delivered fully equipped. You can live there the day after your acquisition. All furniture and equipment is left, and operational.

Does the house have air conditioning?

The house located high up, near the sea, benefits from effective natural ventilation. If desired, you can adjust the flow of air passing through by playing on the opening of the nacos. If necessary, 7 electric fans can be used (one per bedroom and three in the living room / kitchen).

Does the house have a storage room?

The house has a large "reserve", closed room of 17 m², located behind the kitchen. There are stored: provisions, maintenance equipment, two tables the same size as those on the terrace on which fresh products are allowed to air, the cellar, DIY equipment, watering equipment, golf equipment , games, ... This room also contains a second refrigerator, and a large freezer.

What is the purpose of the construction opening on the inclined plane located on the beach?

It was originally built to house a small motor boat (the electric winch for lifting the boat on the incline is still operational). This option having been replaced by a 12m catamaran (Nautitech 40, also for sale, regardless of the house, see http://catamaran-nosy-be.com), this room now contains two dinghies, a 420 and a 470, and serves as a warehouse.

The house is located by the sea, does the equipment rust a lot?

The salty air favoring oxidation, the use of iron has been reduced to the strict minimum: the house is made essentially of concrete blocks and tropical wood (parquet in Sohihy, rot-proof wood), and the doors are in aluminum.

Is the house protected during the rainy season?

Most of the water is evacuated to the sea by a very efficient network of pipes. One is located in the immediate vicinity of the house and others are distributed on the ground

Is the house protected from the wind?

For a normal wind, three electric roller shutters, each 4m long, protect the living space. They are also closed at night. At the bedroom level, the same role is played by the sliding aluminum windows. Cyclones are very rare in this region of Madagascar, well protected by the Big Island. However, if the situation arises, which has never happened in the last ten years, removable panels in marine plywood, securely fixed by bolts, at the top and bottom, reinforce the protection.

What is the roof made of?

The plant cover was not retained in favor of wooden shingles (steamed and treated). While integrating well with the environment, this technique avoids the presence of rats and has better weather resistance.

What fruits are there on the ground?

Mango and banana trees grow spontaneously in different parts of the field (you can enjoy excellent bananas all year round). The orchard will provide you with lemons, oranges, grapefruits, guavas, passion fruit, cashews, pineapple (200 pieces).





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